Kep italia

KEP Italia is an Italian company founded on pure passion in 2007. The desire was to design and then produce a more comfortable, safe and innovative helmet than those available on the market up to that moment: KEP Italia wanted to offer the best helmet in the world, combining the very best available in terms of design, technology, raw materials and safety. All this ensures the superior quality of KEP Italia helmets: not an advertising slogan, but a true corporate belief. “I don’t know if we will ever reach the top in the absolute sense, but we will certainly do all we can to get there,” confirms the management team. The company, located near Brescia in Northern Italy, is a firm believer in the Made in Italy label: all the raw materials and all the details that make up the KEP helmets are 100% nationally produced.

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Custom Saddle

Custom Saddlery is constantly designing and researching saddles and riders to find the right blend of design and craftsmanship to fit today's demands. Every saddle's detail is carefully checked to be sure the workmanship and quality is there. Cary Wallace, head of our design and research, has introduced some of the best dressage saddles on the market and has also gained the confidence and endorsement of some of the finest riders in the world. We believe every saddle should fit both horse and rider. All saddles are anatomically designed for horse and rider, hand-crafted from the finest leathers, and manufactured using the most technically advanced methods and features available.


Dressage Sport Boots

Lisa Wallace developed the DSB Line over 15 years ago.  As an active dressage trainer she was
always looking for a boot that protected her horses legs, was easy to care for, and could be put on her horses by herself or anyone else in an uncomplicated fashion.  Thru trial and error with a variety of materials, the DSB we have all come to know and love was born!  Thru-out the years the line has expanded and now includes the fun Glossy Dressage Sport Boots - Line as well as ASB's and DSB2 for maximum protection.


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by Giuliano Ginanneschi